Massachusettsbased apis 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat, an application networking company, raised $135 million in a Series C funding round. The funding valued the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based business at more than $1 billion. The job of application networking is to connect software, data and hardware through application programming interfaces (APIs). massachusettsbased apis 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat.

It is Kubernetes and microservices-based architecture built on smaller, function-based mechanisms that are easier to maintain and scale. This trend has grown the API economy. massachusettsbased apis 135m. got founded in 2017 and operated in two broads. The first one is API gateways. This is essential for bridging the gaps between cloud apps and services. Some notable names in this sphere are Google-owned Apigee, Salesforce-owned Mulesoft and VC-supported Kong, Amazon and open-source companies like KrakenD. massachusettsbased 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat. enables enterprises to assist as an API gateway for the internal development of applications. Unlike Salesforce, they do not connect applications from independent software vendors (ISV).

The second focus area is service mesh. This enables two-way communication between services and microservices in enterprise applications. The mesh product by, Gloo Mesh, got built on the Istio project. This got source-backed in 2017 by Google, IBM and Lyft. massachusettsbased 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat. launched an enterprise-grade version this year. takes up the upper portions of the OSI model’s seven layers. The model has companies like Cisco at the bottom that provides the physical layer for moving data. Then the next layer, layer 2, has the data link layer up to layer 6, i.e., the presentation layer.

The objective of is to simplify application networking. It will do so with the help of unified control, observability, reliability, extensibility and security. has an impressive roster of clients in short four years, like SAP, Snyk, BMW and T-Mobile. It raised $36.5 million in venture capital funding.