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The next generation of software businesses will acquire customers differently. They will not be using account managers or contracts but through communities. They are looking into the communities of fans and loyal users who share and critique their practices online. Common room series greylockkonradforbes.

Lian, the CEO of Common Room, says this will reinvent the relationship between software companies and their customers. It is more authentic and personal. A former Amazon Web Services employee, Lian managed a large community of technologists and entrepreneurs. Lian wants to bring the same idea of leveraging engaged users to software companies. common room figma series greylockkonradforbes.

Common Room has already acquired a group of test companies like Confluent, Figma, and Notion. Now, it is preparing for $52 million in funding for its community from venture capitalists. The latest $ 32.3 million Series B funding led by Greylock saw a rise in the alleged $ 300 million valuation for both parties. common room figma greylockkonradforbes.

The funding will allow Lian to hire aggressively across Seattle and remote locations. Large public companies have shown interest. Lian looks to build customer success functions while investing in sales and its products. This is why Common Room is to remain waitlist only for the next few weeks. Lian hopes the waitlist will not last or too long. common room figma series.

Common Room is also looking to expand out of developer and work software-focused businesses to focus on media companies, online education businesses, and consumer-facing businesses. All of them require a close relationship with the consumers. If the consumers stick around, then the business will be successful. Lian claims they are creating a new category that has not existed before. They want to focus on the strategy and make the playbook. The end goal is for the customers to feel supported and connected.