Firstbase raises $50M in series B led by Kleiner Perkins

Firstbase recently announced that it has been able to raise $50M with a series B round of funding. And now as we are transitioning to a hybrid world, companies irrespective of their size are trying to determine how they will balance in-office employees along with the staff members. This brings us to the predicament that how Firstbase is planning for the future. 50m kleiner perkinswilhelmtechcrunch.

Firstbase assists its users to onboard remote employees. It also ensures that the new recruits receive the hardware when they need. If you have changed jobs during COVID-19, you know that getting familiar with the newer technology products can be a burden. Moreover, the physical distance between the office and individual workers is growing that can be problematic. 50m series arrwilhelmtechcrunch.

Firstbase has been able to diversify the features of its offerings. Firstbase still active assists its users to pick hardware and handling shipment. Nowadays, it has added financing to its offerings. By paying a certain amount of fees, Firstbase will permit its users to pay for new employee hardware and other accessories like furniture on a rentable basis. 50m series perkinswilhelmtechcrunch.

However, the key concern for Firstbase is to strategize in a world that’s returning to their respective workplaces. But the CEO of Firstbase is in a positive frame of mind. Based on the CEO’s inputs, there are speculations that Firstbase will use the funding to secure its position in the current market.

On a further note, the CEO added that agencies are relying on Firstbase to get hardware to in-office workers. The CEO is also of the opinion that a majority of companies in the hybrid working model are still relying on Firstbase. This is because these companies still rely a lot on their remote workers. Firstbase is also developing warehouse capacity in various nations.