Common room series greylockkonradforbes

common room series greylockkonradforbes

The next generation of software businesses will acquire customers differently. They will not be using account managers or contracts but through communities. They are looking into the communities of fans and loyal users who share and critique their practices online. Common room series greylockkonradforbes. Lian, the CEO of Common Room, says this will reinvent the … Read more

Massachusettsbased apis 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat

massachusettsbased apis 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat, an application networking company, raised $135 million in a Series C funding round. The funding valued the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based business at more than $1 billion. The job of application networking is to connect software, data and hardware through application programming interfaces (APIs). massachusettsbased apis 135m series 1b sawersventurebeat. It is Kubernetes and microservices-based architecture … Read more

Firstbase raises $50M in series B led by Kleiner Perkins

50m kleiner perkinswilhelmtechcrunch

Firstbase recently announced that it has been able to raise $50M with a series B round of funding. And now as we are transitioning to a hybrid world, companies irrespective of their size are trying to determine how they will balance in-office employees along with the staff members. This brings us to the predicament that … Read more